Justin Bieber Rushed To Hospital After Collapsing Twice On Stage

Beliebe it or not, Justin Bieber has shit weeks just like the rest of us mugs, but chances are none of us have ever had a week this shit – reports are coming in that The Biebs has collapsed on stage multiple times at London’s O2 Arena, the same venue he was 2 hours late for earlier in the week.

It all happened while performing Beauty And The Beat, which normally features Nicki Minaj. Bieber could be seen falling twice during the song, forcing him to run backstage. His management and medical team advised the show would be cancelled then and there, though the little trooper eventually went back out because he loves the fans and all that. Not enough, it seems – according to The Herald Sun, Justin collapsed another time before leaving the stage for good.

Bieber’s manager was quick to pin the medical scare to Biebs being “light of breath”, which is super ironic considering the venue – there should have been oxygen all over the place! That may explain the recent gas mask incident, but still, he should probably lay off the joints for a while. TMZ now reports that Bieber was rushed to hospital and treated with oxygen after the show, while apparently remaining “in good spirits”.

All this comes after a week of British mayhem for baby Bieber – being rejected from his own birthday party, walking down the streets of London topless, or in a gas mask, and showing up 2 hours late for shows… What is going on with Justin Bieber?! He’s either got some serious medical issues that need to be addressed, or he needs to get his shit together.

Watch: Justin Bieber’s management announces end of O2 Arena show

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