Justin Bieber Is Being Sued For $650K By An Event Promotion Company

As sure as the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, Justin Bieber is facing another lawsuit.

Though it’s probably premature to say that the Biebs is systematically destroying the positive image he’d gone and built himself over the last few years – for some reason the Canadian singer can’t seem to stop pissing people off.

Since the start of 2016 Bieber has cancelled all his fan meet & greats, declared that he’s no longer going to pose for fan photos under any circumstances, and copped a $100,000 lawsuit for smashing a man’s phone after failing to do the same thing to a beer bong.

Now he’s being sued by a promotion company who say the Biebs destroyed its business.

Team Promotions alleges that Justin was supposed to perform and then spend some time hanging out with fans at Beach Club in Montreal last August, but the event never went ahead. The promoter claims that it paid Bieber $250,000, with another $175K to be paid just before the event.

However, it refused to pay the remaining balance after Bieber failed to promote the gig online – something that was a requirement of his contract. Team Promotions then tried to negotiate a discount, as its terms weren’t being met – but Bieber wasn’t having any of it. He tweeted saying the promoter had lied and he wouldn’t be performing, tweets that Team Promotions say ruined its reputation.

According to TMZ, Team Promotions may not have even had the remaining balance to pay Bieber, but the company insists that it had the cash – and are now suing the star for $650K in damages.

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