Justin Bieber Tells Fans He Thinks About “Stopping” And “Just Quitting”

Justin Bieber has delivered another mid-set monologue days after he stormed off stage because people were screaming instead of listening to him, and this time he says he’s considered “just quitting”.

As The Sun reports, the popstar recently delivered a speech to an audience in Scotland, saying, “You guys ever feel like giving up? When something gets too tough you just feel like stopping, just quitting? I get that way sometimes.

“You know, sometimes when I have to come on stage and put a smile on my face or sometimes when you know you just have to put our emotions or feelings to the side so we can just get on with our lives. I just want to thank you it’s for the support and that you took this journey with me.”

It came just after he revealed to the crowd that he thinks he has, “ADD, ADHD or something like that,” because his “mind doesn’t work properly” sometimes.

“It doesn’t. Maybe I’m just different. Do you guys like different,” Bieber said. “Who wants to be just like everybody else, you know? I think that’s boring. Uniqueness. I think being unique, being different is important, setting yourself apart and it’s hard nowadays with the internet and social media.”

The Biebs has been giving a lot of insight into the way his mind works lately. Following his stage storm-off he published an open letter to his fans, which was deleted pretty soon after it was posted.

“There’s times when I get upset… times when I get angry, there’s times when I’m going to be frustrated. But I’m always going to be myself on this stage,” he wrote.

It seems Australian audiences should strap themselves in for one of Bieber’s motivational mid-song speeches when he visits here in March, as they seem to be becoming part and parcel of his live show.

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