Justin Bieber’s Filmer Not A Prostitute, Singer Charged With Vandalism

The identity of the woman in a now-viral video featuring a napping Justin Bieber after he reportedly got carnal with a Brazilian prostitute has been revealed to be aspiring model, actress and bodybuilder Tatiana Neves Barbosa, silencing those who thought the video was a bid for fame.

The short clip, which features Bieber catching up on sleep before a scantily-clad woman blows him a kiss, has already garnered 17 million views on YouTube, and has fuelled rumours that the woman in the video was a prostitute, after the pop-star was snapped leaving a Brazilian brothel.

Us Weekly has determined that far from working the world’s oldest profession, the 26-year-old Barbosa is in fact a former winner of the Miss Bikini Wellness competition, having been crowned in 2012. It’s not clear if Barbosa was invited up to the singer’s hotel room or if she snuck past security.

Meanwhile, Complex is reporting that Bieber has been officially charged with vandalism for illegal graffiti the singer sprayed on a wall during his Brazil trip. According to his people, Bieber was permitted to tag a particular wall but chose a different one because the area was “too dangerous.”

(Via ContactMusic)

WATCH: Justin Bieber Sleeping Video

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