Kanye Is At It Again, Commands Apple To Buy Tidal From Jay-Z In Latest Twitter Rant

Another day, another Twitter rant from Kanye West.

But unlike some of his more bizarre and barely comprehensible tweetstorms of late, this time Yeezy isn’t dicking around.

He’s straight-up ordered Apple Music to buy Tidal off his mate Jay-Z, after months of speculation that the former streaming juggernaut was seriously considering getting its hands on the latter.

“This Tidal Apple beef is fucking up the music game,” Ye announced, implying that A) there is some kind of behind-the-scenes beef going on and that B) we’re all suffering because of it.

He then went on to demand a meeting with one of the company’s top dogs to settle things, once and for all.

But the Louis Vuitton Don didn’t stop there. He continued to turn up the heat on the Apple execs for playing hardball and laid on them a particularly epic final burn:


Tidal has been a polarising presence in the music landscape since it launched last year. As well as being home to some fark-off huge exclusive releases like Beyonce’s Lemonade and Yeezy’s The Life Of Pablo, it’s also been dogged by lawsuits and instances of organisational clusterfuckery.

However, a hypothetical merger with Apple would likely accentuate the positives while eliminating many of the negatives, combining Tidal-exclusive content like Prince’s back catalogue with Apple’s current musical storehouse.

Industry eggheads also reckon an unholy alliance between the pair would pose some serious competition for Spotify, which is currently reigning king of the streaming game.

So who knows? Apple crumbled when Yeezy’s nemesis Taylor Swift publicly criticised its dud royalties policy back when it first launched, so maybe a few choice words from the man himself will have the same effect.

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