Kanye Is (Maybe) Releasing His New Album Today, Here’s The Latest Tracklist

Word has it that Kanye West’s new album is probably going to drop in just a couple of hours. Well, maybe. It’s been a very ~ Kanye ~ build-up to the release of this record, with one anticipated release date having already been and gone and the tracklist changing a few times too.

The title, though, has stayed consistent, this pending release has been called Jesus Is King since we first heard about it via a tweet from Kim Kardashian-West.

The 12 tracks listed, at the time, were:




God Is


Sierra Canyon

Hands On

Wake The Dead


Through The Valley


Sweet Jesus

Friday, 27th September rolled around though, and aside from a launch party in Detroit, we did not receive Jesus Is King.

The following day, KKW told us to have faith and shared the new, now 10 song-long, tracklist with us.

We were told it was a short delay but we’d have the album by the following Sunday. We did not.

At a Sunday Service in Washington, Kanye told the crowd his album was pushed back because “I’m making it better for y’all”. That’s also when we received the new release date: Friday, 25th October.

Now, Kanye is a touch unreliable when it comes to release dates or details, but this feels like a good omen.

Kanye himself has tweeted, “JESUS IS KING” along with “Midnight” and a brand new tracklist.

This time, the tracklist is 12 songs long and in an actual graphic, so hopefully it’s legit.

Kanye West’s ‘Jesus Is King’ Tracklisting

Every Hour


Follow God

Closed On Sunday

On God

Everything We Need


God Is

Hands On

Use The Gospel

Jesus Is Lord

Watch the trailer for the Jesus Is King Film below too.

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