Kanye West Goes 8-Bit In New Video Game ‘Kanye Quest 3030’

After being animated in his latest video clip for Black Skinhead, Kanye West has now been converted into an 8-bit 2D character as the protagonist of a brand-new video game called Kanye Quest 3030.

Set in a style not unlike that of Pokemon, or if you will, GTA 2, Kanye Quest 3030 is actually being praised as highly playable. Initally set in the golden days of 2010, Kanye Quest 3030 sees West teleported (while taking out the trash) to the dark and mysterious year 3030.

Needless to say, there is an evil overlord gripping the city with fear and it’s up to West to save the day. His journey will be painstaking, and riddled with danger as he battles his way past clones of Tupac, Nas, Notorious B.I.G and Dr. Dre, each more evil and cunning than the last.

You may remember the last time West put himself in the middle of a video game with his previous effort, Kanye Zone. You may also remember how much that game sucked. Even the most hardened of gamers are sure to get the slightest of kicks out of this set up. What’s more, there doesn’t seem to be any of his music in the game so you can enjoy in peace.

Check out the trailer below and click here to download and play Kanye Quest 3030.

Watch: Kanye Quest 3030 trailer

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