Kanye West & Kim Kardashian’s Baby Boy Is Here, Is Not Named ‘Storm Desmond’

Hip-hop superstar and dude you all love to hate, Kanye West, has welcomed to the world another small human he made with his genitals, assisted by the genitals of wife and reality star Kim Kardashian.

The second of such a creation, after previous genital collaboration created famous toddler North West, the baby boy popped out of the womb early Saturday morning L.A. time and was announced via the ancient and traditional posting of the social medias.

The name of the future leader of the free world (maybe?) has yet to be released by the couple, although it’s probably fairly safe to assume they’ll stick with the directional approach, with many speculating that the name Easton is a shoe in.

Rudely, however, the rest of the world forgot to pay the due respect of a West-Kardashian birth, i.e stopping everything that it’s doing, with a particularly dangerous weather event in the UK, refusing to chill, and continuing to wreck havoc with floods and troublesome winds causing the evacuation of many residents.

Such was the devastating possibilities of ‘Storm Desmond’ that it made its way on to Twitter’s trending topics list, right next to ‘Kardashian Baby’, leading many not very bright Twitter users who are probably new here, to believe Kimye had named their new sprog, Storm Desmond Kardashian West, to which I have this response:


To conclude: two very famous people had sex nine months ago, and made a, as yet unnamed, human who will live a life of unparalleled privilege and wealth. Cool.

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