Kanye West Rapping Over The Seinfeld Theme Is All You Ever Dreamed It Could Be, And More

Let us throw our hands to heaven and rejoice in rapturous bliss as the gods of pop culture have finally reached a zenith of inter-textuality as the Seinfeld2000 Twitter account has mashed up audio of Kanye West, rapping over the Seinfeld theme. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Seinye.

Coming of course as part of a larger wave of insanity around the release of his latest album The Life Of Pablo, including delays amid him publicly declaring he is $53 million in debt and then a confusing appeal for money from Mark Zuckerberg via Twitter (surely you’d use Facebook?), I for one am loving the level of crazy this time round.

And while this video isn’t a direct product of Kanye’s seemingly unstable mental state, the lyric to the original song certainly bare some of the classic narcissism (or perhaps a commentary on it) that we’ve come to expect from him.

Titled what else but I Love Kanye, Yeezy raps his own first name an impressive 25 times, in the self-aware meta cut from The Life Of Pablo. Rapping “I miss the sweet Kanye / Chop up the beats Kanye / I gotta say at that time I’d like to meet Kanye,” it matches incredibly well with Jonathan Wolff’s iconic faux slap-bass theme (that’s right, he played it on a keyboard and the world is made of deceit and lies).

Check it out for yourself here via this tweet.

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