Watch Jack Ü And Justin Bieber Create The ‘Seinfeld’ Theme

Seinfeld Current Day aka @Seinfeld2000 is a Twitter and Instagram account dedicated to keeping Seinfeld relevant through memes, gifs, vines and more.

Essentially, the genius creators of these accounts insert aspects of Seinfeld (the theme song is a popular favourite) into contemporary videos, or insert contemporary celebrities into scenes from the show.

In the past we’ve seen Kanye West rapping over the Seinfeld theme, as well as an amazing slowjam mashup of the theme.

Now @Seinfeld2000 has done a parody of a creators-project style video made my Justin Bieber, Skrillex and Diplo called ‘What if Bieber Diplo and Skrillex created the Seinfeld Theme.’

The mixing is done absolutely perfectly, and there’s even a Skrillex dubstep remix snippet towards the end.

Also, relive this gem, for some fun.

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