Kasabian Frontman Runs Over His Dad In Car

The father of Kasabian frontman Tom Meighan is reportedly recovering after the singer accidentally hit him with a car. Kasabian have refused to comment on the alleged incident, which reportedly occurred when the frontman was behind the wheel in a car park in his hometown of Leicester.

According to The Sun, the incident occurred after Meighan Sr asked the singer to release the handbrake on the car because he couldn’t get into the vehicle. However, Meighan — who doesn’t have a driving license — pressed his foot down on the accelerator and accidentally struck his father.

“It was a bizarre accident and Tom feels really bad about it,” an unnamed source told the paper. Meighan’s father reportedly spent a day in hospital after the accident, but luckily escaped any major injuries, receiving only bad bruising and a few stitches. “Tom himself felt awful about it all but thankfully his dad made a full recovery and saw the funny side,” the anonymous source added.

The bizarre incident may not come as a shock to some fans of the UK outfit, who recently admitted to Music Feeds that they do bare a resemblance to fictitious metal parody act Spinal Tap. The comparison was first made by UK folk singer Billy Bragg, intended as a criticism of the group.

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