Kasabian Want “Ear-Bleeding Music, But Not Like Shitty Metal Bands”

Kasabian have never been too shy to wear their influences on their sleeves or to let the public know what they think of the current musical landscape, even if no one really asked. While discussing the influences behind the band’s forthcoming album, they made it clear they have no time for metal.

“I suppose you go out there to make ear-bleeding music, but done in a good way,” frontman Tom Meighan recently told NME. “Not done like some shitty metal rock bands from America, we do it in our way, like a Kanye West way, really fuck it up, fusion it.” Speaking to Q back in January, the band cited West, Nirvana, Death Grips, and Rage Against The Machine as influences on 48:13.

Following on from the unprovoked stab at American metal bands, Meighan stated that the band “feel excited” about the new album, saying, “It’s like anything that’s new, you build it up and work on it for so long… We went and recorded it in Richmond just before Christmas and we’re massively excited.”

“We took some time out, it’s our fifth baby, we’re more excited because we’ve stepped up a bit, stepped a lot up, actually,” Meighan added. Speaking recently to BBC’s Zane Lowe, Meighan explained that the new album is stripped back and that the band attempted “to lay ourselves bare.”

The band have been on the warpath since first announcing details of the new record, with US metal bands merely their latest target. In January, guitarist Serge Pizzorno had a dig at Miley Cyrus, labelling her “a fucking nightmare of the 21st century” that the Western world was responsible for.

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