Keep Sydney Open Call For A Sydney “Night Mayor” After Attending Global Nightlife Summit

Keep Sydney Open have been responsible for some of the largest anti-lockout law rallies in Australia and now they’re looking overseas for ways we can improve Sydney’s flailing nightlife.

Campaign manager Tyson Koh attended a Global Nightlife Summit in Amsterdam, home to arguably one of the most vibrant nightlifes in the world, and shared his insights on Facebook as to how Sydney could take cues from international cities.

The summit was hosted by Amsterdam’s night mayor Mirik Milan, a position which does not exist in Sydney but should according to Koh.

“Where people in government are largely inept at moving away from blanket policies, the Night Mayor is consulted to distinguish between venues that will have a positive impact on the city and ones that won’t,” he wrote.

“I am advocating strongly for the creation of a Night Mayor of our own. As the current government has displayed an utter disregard for the cultures that exist after dark, I believe they should make an effort to reconcile this ignorance by appointing either a person or a department that is dedicated to making Sydney’s night-time economy work.”

Currently Sydney’s nightlife is dictated by the state government which is different to Amsterdam. The NSW state government has complete control of licensing and lockouts meaning that parliament members in areas like Dubbo and Bega have a say in issues that they have very little connection to. In Amsterdam it’s dealt with at a local level.

“Unless you live there it’s not like you or I get a say in what happens in Wyong, so why should it be so in reverse? How can these MPs with their own local issues and constituents possibly know what really happens on our inner-city streets,” Koh further wrote.

Koh concluded his Facebook post, writing, “By looking to other cities and the causes for their success, I’m confident we can achieve a vibrant late-night culture in Sydney.”

Koh’s post comes at a pivatal time for lockout laws. They are currently under review and were debated in parliament last week.

You can read Koh’s full post below.

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