Kendrick Lamar Crashes Random Wedding To Show Off Ace Dance Moves

Kendrick Lamar has added not one, but two new skills to his repertoire – wedding crasher and baller ass dancer – after he crashed a random wedding in Ohio to pay tribute to Whiteny Houston‘s I Wanna Dance With Somebody on the dance floor.

The video, posted by TMZ, shows Kendrick casually saunter up to the dance floor and begin dancing, while his crew are left to deal with an outraged attendee who senses something was awry and grilled Lamar and his buddies.

“Are you guys in the party?” he asks angrily before switching to a more indirect approach by questioning “who got married?” eventually boiling over and telling them to “get the fuck out!” Although TMZ reports that everything was OK once someone recognised Kendrick. Gotta love that fame.

Kendrick remains unfazed throughout the ordeal, motoring round the dance floor with his slick moves, reported by Pitchfork to be a dance called the the dab.

While there has been no official decision made, rumours are swirling that if Lamar spontaneously joins a kickball game and tends bar at SXSW he will be named the legitimate heir to Bill Murray’s throne of awesomeness.

Anyway you can watch the video here below, Kendrick is in the green hat and flanno.

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