Kid Confucius Take Their Final Bow

After nine long years, three critically acclaimed albums, a squillion gigs, hundreds of hotels, planes and automobiles, a bunch of national tours, a stack of summer festivals, deals and no deals, a handful of awards, a few broken limbs, a few members lost, a few members gained, two nights with Katy Perry, and a partridge in a pear tree, Kid Confucius has called it a day.

From the press release:

The well-known Sydney band first emerged in 2001, cutting their young stage teeth alongside bluejuice in the early years, before making their mark with a string of sell-out and landmark shows in 2003 and 2004. With the release of their debut album in 2005, the national touring circuit and airwaves opened up for the band, while their reputation grew as one of Australia’s best live acts.

The stage was always home, and the band earned spots on some of the country’s biggest, including Splendour In The Grass and Homebake. Playing everything from Sly-inspired funk and 9-piece hip-hop in their former years to stripped-back soul and rock in the latter, the band was always on a mission to bring something different to the Aussie music scene, be it live or on record. With ever-faithful producer, Tony Buchen, Kid C knocked out three accomplished studio albums (Kid Confucius in 2005, Stripes in 2007 and The Let Go in 2008).

Almost a decade of writing and performing music together is a beautiful thing, but also a lot of hard work. As a result, the band’s members have decided to put their energies into other endeavours. It’s an amicable split – probably too amicable – so unfortunately there are no juicy stories of girlfriend-stealing or members hocking gear for drugs.

While it’s the end for Kid C, expect a few of its members to show up in the near future with new musical projects – so keep an eye out.

The band would like to whole-heartedly thank all its fans, friends and family for the love, support and – at times – cash, and extend big props to all those working in music and media that have ever given Kid C airtime or print space. The band would also like to give a giant man-hug to all the great acts they have shared stages with throughout the years, across the country.

Of course, a band break-up wouldn’t be complete without a final bow, and Kid Confucius will be taking theirs, in party-mode, on Saturday 24 April at The Annandale Hotel in Sydney.

This is your last chance to see the band perform, so whether you’re a fan, just looking for a party, or just plain intrigued, get yourself there! The band will be getting by with a little help from some musical friends, including Lions At Your Door, Andy Bull and ex-Kid Confucian Ray Mann.

Tickets on sale now from

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