Kimbra Shares New Single ‘Everybody Knows’ As First Taste Of New Album

Fresh from announcing her forthcoming third album Primal Heart, Kiwi-born muso Kimbra has unveiled the first taste of her new project, in the form of her fresh single ‘Everybody Knows’.

The song was produced by John Congleton — who had a hand in all 11 tracks on Primal Heart — and sees Kimbra sing her typically colourful hooks over electronics and xylophones, backed by an ’80s-esque beat.

Speaking with Music Feeds contributor Cyclone Wehner earlier this month, Kimbra said the song opens “the doorway to the theme from this new album”.

“I’ve moved to New York in the time of writing the new album and there’s a new boldness and sense of directness that I’m looking for as an artist,” she said.

“I think in writing this song, I kind of uncovered some of that energy and wanted it to be the first message to the fans. The song is definitely about awakening to the light, in some way, or to some sense of truth and justice.

“For the first time as a musician I’m confronting a lot of things in a more direct way. I used to write in a lot of metaphors and idealism and surrealism or escapism – and a lot of my imagery is based around that. But, for the first time, this album seems like it’s more confrontational than before.”

Kimbra has spent the last two years working on Primal Heart, which includes co-production contributions from dubstep hero Skrillex on the track ‘Top Of The World’. The album is expected to be released in early 2018.

In an email sent to fans earlier this month, Kimbra said Primal Heart is her “proudest work yet”, and said she’s “so excited to soon get back on tour”.

Stream ‘Everybody Knows’ in full, below. Music Feeds‘ full interview with Kimbra is coming soon.

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