Kings Cross Scores Weekly Rooftop House Music Party That Runs From 10am Til 2am

One way to get around the lockout laws that have choked the life out of Kings Cross? Start the party early!

Sydney’s beloved ‘After Hours’ nightclub Afters is relaunching at a new home with a series of weekly rooftop parties, soundtracked by a lineup of local house DJs and kicking off at 10am!

Going down at one of the Cross’s few surviving live music venues — The Bourbon Hotel — on Saturday 5th January, the Afters Rooftop launch party will feature a lineup of local DJs including Le Brond, Marlie, Jac Frier, Jeff Barrass, David James and fbi radio‘s Simon Caldwell playing a special 3 hour ‘Sunset Set’.

The open air rager, for those who want to keep their Friday night kicking on or start their Saturday night extra early, features a dancefloor, no noise restrictions and a newly installed top of the line sound system, and won’t wrap up til 2am Sunday morning (half an hour after lockouts).

“Having so many hours to fill will give the opportunity for our artists to play longer sets (3-4 hours) to showcase their taste in music,” organiser Brett Ayton tells Music Feeds.

“Sydney does not have a weekly Saturday day party that runs into the night at the moment so we are aiming to bring people into the Bourbon Hotel from start to finish every week to bring back a bit of life to the cross!”

Catch all the details for the official Afters Rooftop launch event below.

Afters Rooftop Party Launch Lineup

Simon Caldwell

Le Brond


Jac Frier

Jeff Barrass

David James

Afters Rooftop Party Launch

Saturday, 5th January (from 10am)

The Bourbon Hotel, Sydney

Tickets: Resident Advisor

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