Kita Alexander Returns With Moving New Single ‘Against The Water’

Kita Alexander has shared a new, incredibly candid single with us today. It’s called ‘Against The Water’ and it’s a love song about staying in you loved one’s corner.

It touches on the raw feelings that came after her then boyfriend, now husband, pro-surfer, Owen Wright xperienced a near-death incident when suffered a serious head injury while competing in Hawaii.

“When Owen and I first got together, it was an intense kind of love,” explains Alexander.

“Even while we were going through all this shit so early on, we still loved each other, and no one really could understand it. We had a lot of family members being like, ‘You don’t have to do this, Kita,’ or, ‘Owen, you don’t have to be with her. You guys are still fresh.’”

She says, “‘Against The Water’ is one of my most honest songs.”

“I’m speaking from the same place as ‘Hotel’, my other traumatic song, but that had more imagery in it, more storytelling. With this one, it’s quite scary in its word for word honesty.”

“The verses for me are the love letter of how we both began, those feelings around it all, and the whirlwind.”

Kita Alexander’s feelings are recalled in the chorus where she sings, “Remember, I’m in your corner, when it’s you against the water.”

It comes with a stunning film clip direct by Mick Soiza too.

Alexander’s is set to perform at Drop Festival, which is kicking off later this month in Noosa. You can check out all the dates here.

Check out the video for ‘Against The Water’ below.

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