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LA Launches Electronic Music Task Force In A Bid To Curb Festival Deaths

A big question mark hangs over the future of dance music festivals in the US city of Los Angeles, following a spate of recent drug-related deaths.

As government officials ponder whether or not to ban the events entirely, a special Electronic Music Task Force has been launched, on a mission to determine whether it’s possible for EDM festivals to be made safer for punters, and thereby be allowed to continue their existence.

The LA County’s official motion explains that the new specialist squadron will “develop recommendations for enforceable health and safety measures and procedures” at all dance fests, and “report back in 120 days”.

The move comes in the wake of two deaths at the city’s HARD Summer festival last month. And at the same time that the task force has been given the green light, concert promoter Live Nation has preemptively canned another upcoming HARD event, and agreed to dramatically scale back another.

HARD Presents: A Night at Fairplex was due to kick off on September 10th in Pomoma, but has now had its plug firmly pulled. While Halloween event HARD Day of the Dead will have its capacity cut from 65,000 to 40,000, with the age limit upped to 21, along with the addition of extra ‘cooling stations’ and beefed up security.

And while the folks at LA County have welcomed the changes, they warn that more needs to be done, and they haven’t ruled out a blanket ban.

“Ultimately, in the interest of public safety, a ban of electronic music festivals at County-owned properties remains a possibility that will continue to be evaluated,” the motion reads.

“While the Board supports musical events in the County, what is of paramount importance is the health and safety of the youth attending these events.”

It would be less disconcerting for us here in Australia if it wasn’t for our own highly-publicised drug issues at national dance festivals and raves.

In other words, best be behaving yourselves this year, Stereo bros, because the nanny state-ists that run this town are likely looking at LA and taking notes.

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