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Lana Del Rey & Azealia Banks’ Feud Just Reached An Intense New Level

Written by Jackson Langford on October 10, 2018

Lana Del Rey and Azealia Banks, who were once good friends, have now turned on each other in a bitter online feud, with the two exchanging a series of barbed tweets at one another today.

After Del Rey criticised Kanye West on Instagram for some recent controversial statements and his support of Donald Trump, Banks hopped on to Twitter to call out Lana in defence of West, saying that West “is not your enemy or THE enemy”.

“You would never in your white mind try to battle ME on my ideas,” Banks wrote.

“I suggest you apologize to Kanye for trying to selectively make him complicit in 45’s abuse of women simple for agreeing with parts of his ideology while you frolic through society with other black male abusers.” Here, Banks is referencing Lana’s friendship and frequent collaboration with A$AP Rocky, who was charged with assault in 2013 for allegedly slapping a fan.

Well, Del Rey has responded and clearly isn’t afraid of any sort of confrontation. She tweeted this morning implying that she was literally ready for a deadset throwdown.

She also said, “I won’t not fuck you the fuck up,” and, “(You) coulda been the greatest female rapper alive but (you) blew it.”

Banks first responded with a simple “I feel powerful”, before going on a tirade about Del Rey’s looks.

Then, Lana responded by seemingly having a crack at Banks’ mental health issues, which the rapper has discussed publicly in the past.

Banks, while all this was happening, said “she’s getting sued!” and asked her followers for Del Rey’s “pull up” tweet, claiming that she was talking to her lawyers.

In response to that tweet, Lana signed off with a simple “tell him it’s a promise not a threat”.

2018 is a mess, and we’re tired. Next.

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