Lana Del Rey claps back at critics again, saying her words on the US Capitol riots were taken out of context

It’s been a huge (and kind of yikes) week for Lana Del Rey. Let’s recap.

She started the week with the announcement of her forthcoming seventh LP, Chemtrails Over The Country Club. Alongside the name, tracklist and album art, came a preemptive response to potential criticism about the lack of diversity on the album’s cover where she asked her followers to not make her art “a WOC/POC issue”.

A few days ago, she jumped on a lengthy interview with Annie Mac on BBC Radio 1. There were a few takeaways from their conversation; the major one being that she thinks that narcissism is a bigger threat to the world than climate change.

She also offered up some thoughts on the US Capitol riots and addressed some of the criticism she received for her preemptive comments about the album art’s lack of diversity.

In the days following the interview, she’s garnered more criticism for her seemingly sympathetic view of Donald Trump and the US Capitol insurrectionists.

Now, in a five-minute video posted to Instagram, Lana is fighting back, saying that her comments about Donald Trump and the US Capitol insurrectionists that she made in the interview were “taken out of context”.

“I get it. I have something to say, and I don’t just show up giggling, talking about my hair and my makeup. I was asked directly political questions for over forty minutes by the BBC Radio 1 and I answered them. And I said, when someone is so deeply deficient in empathy, they may not know that they’re the bad guy.

“That may be a controversial opinion, but don’t make the controversy that I don’t think that he meant to incite a riot. It’s not the point. The general point is the wider ranging issue of sociopathy and narcissism that’s being reflected in our government.”

“I really don’t appreciate being painted as some white Republican who has always been given anything and supports the insight of a Capitol riot. I grew up struggling, working my ass off. We had nothing, period, no matter what the story is.”

Watch the full clip below.


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