Lana Del Rey Dropped Three (!!) New Songs Overnight

Lana Del Rey has surprise-dropped three new singles with no warning. ‘Wildflower Wildfire’, ‘Text Book’, and ‘Blue Banisters’ arrived overnight.

Del Rey is calling them “buzz tracks” ahead of her new album. The album, titled Blue Banisters will arrive Sunday, 4th July. An extremely on-brand release date.

She announced the album just a few weeks ago and now, its release is just a few weeks away.

Now, we have these three tracks — which you can listen to down below.

The new album was initially announced back in March with the title Rock Candy Sweet but has now been changed.

Blue Banisters will follow up Lana Del Rey’s seventh studio album, Chemtrails Over The Country Club. It came out just two months ago.

Lana had a hectic few months filled to the brim with controversy. She first told a fan to go fuck themselves, after accusing her of voting for Trump.

Then she said the Trump presidency “needed to happen.”

There was a mesh mask controversy thrown into the mix.

Then, with seemingly no provocation, she asked fans not to make her Chemtrails artwork, “a WOC/POC issue”.

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