Watch Lana Del Rey Stop Her Concert To Look For Her Vape Pen

In what is the most 2019 headline, Lana Del Rey has stopped her concert abruptly to search for what it feels like we’re all searching for in this damned existence – our vape pen.

While performing in Portland, the Norman Fucking Rockwell! artist searched the length of the stage to look for her beloved e-cigarette. In fact, it became a multi-person operation as she enlisted her band’s help to search for it.

“Where’s my fucking vape?” she said, in what’s sure to be the title of her next album.

Getting frustrated with the fruitless quest, she said “fuck it” multiple times before saying “you wanna sing ‘Video Games’ with me?”

Was it just the ultimate ruse to hype the crowd up for the performance of her biggest song? Was this some next level performance art from an artist who has defined the decade? Did she really just want her fucking vape? We may never know.

With the exception of her missing juul, LDR’s got a lot to smile about lately. Namely, her most recent album Norman Fucking Rockwell! is on track to become the most critically acclaimed album of the year. It scored Pitchfork’s highest rating in five years, after all.

Watch the video of her unsuccessful search below, and pray that she finds another vape soon. Godspeed.

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