Lana Del Rey Visits Man Laying In Bean Dip For 24 Hours “Don’t Ask Why”

Lana Del Rey has paid a visit to a man sitting in a blow up pool full of bean dip for 24 hours. The man is performing the stunt to raise money for his favourite Mexican restaurant.

Hunter Ray Barker is a professional stuntman and he’s chilling in his bean dip for Los Toros.

In an interview with Reuters, Barker said, “I personally believe that small businesses are the backbone of the nation.

“I believe that it is our duty to support them.”

“And if we can do that in a fun way, a way that encourages other people to bring some excitement to the small businesses as well,” continues Barker. “I think is really really helpful. So I think now is the best time to do it.”

Catch the interview in full below.

As for why Lana Del Rey decided to pay him a visit, she’s seemingly there to show solidarity. On Instagram though, she simply said, “Don’t ask why.”

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