Are As I Lay Dying Planning A Comeback With Tim Lambesis?

As I Lay Dying has essentially been on a forced hiatus since 2013 when frontman Tim Lambesis was arrested and sentenced to serve six years in jail, but now word has emerged that the Lambesis could be about to revive the project with an entirely new group of musicians.

Earlier this year it was revealed that Lambesis had been quietly released from jail in December 2016, and at the time Dokken guitarist George Lynch alleged that he had a record and book deal lined up.

Now Rockfeeds reports that Lambesis is reporting a comeback for As I Lay Dying, but that he’ll be gathering a new lineup of band members.

There is also reportedly new music in the works, fueling the fire that originally started When Lambesis posted the word ‘Activity’ to both his personal Twitter and the Twitter page for As I Lay Dying.

The frontman has not appeared in public since he was released from prison, so stay tuned for any confirmation that may come for new music from the band, whose last record Awakened came out in 2012.

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