Lemmy Shot A Finnish Milk Ad Before His Death, And It’s Actually Kind Of A Brilliant Tribute

So it turns out Lemmy Kilmister filmed a Finnish milk ad before he died.

Instead of asking why (which is redundant anyway because Lemmy always did whatever the bloody hell Lemmy wanted to do) just marvel at the immortal badassery and give-zero-fucks attitude of the iconic Motörhead frontman, who remained the world’s coolest motherfucker right til the very end.

As Consequence Of Sound reports, Lem shot the ad in Maunula, Finland in early December for dairy company Valio, just a few short weeks before the cancer had its way with him.

The TV spot was originally conceived as a remake of a classic Finnish ad from the ’90s, but has instead become an apt tribute to the rock legend, and very likely one of the last pieces of professionally recorded footage prior to his death.

The clip is quintessential Lemmy, and features the rocker emerging from a dingy gas station and staring down the camera, before delivering the most Lemmy line in the most Lemmy way imaginable: “I don’t drink milk, and I never will … you asshole.”

Check it out below, and remember Lemmy’s memorial service is being live-streamed tomorrow morning from 10am (AEDT) and all Motörheadbangers are being urged to tune in.

Watch: Tribute video To Lemmy Kilmister By Valio


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