Lenny Kravitz Reportedly Threatening Legal Action Over #Penisgate

It’s been an interesting week for Lenny Kravitz, his penis and leather pants manufacturers worldwide, after an unfortunate (or fortunate, depends how you look at it) wardrobe malfunction exposed Lenny Jr. to the entire world.

At first it looked like Kravitz saw the humour in the whole incident, when his first response to circulating headlines, videos and gifs of him literally rocking out with his cock out, was to share a text message from Steven Tyler which read, “Dude… No underwear and pierced… You never showed me that shit” with the hashtag #penisgate.

Even his daughter Zoe Kravitz responded with impressive calmness and humour, sharing a text exchange between herself and Steven Tyler’s daughter Chelsea where they, like all daughters would, expressed their collective embarrassment at the whole debacle via emojis.

Now though, reports suggest Lenny Kravitz, or at least his representatives, are of the opinion that the world has seen quite enough of the rocker’s peen thankyouverymuch and have reportedly threatened legal action over pictures circulating online.

According to The Metro, via NME, Kravitz’s legal team have warned against the images, stating that they breach their “clients’ copyright, human rights, right-of-publicity and performer’s rights”.

Videos of the incident in question have already begun to be taken offline, but, as always, the memes remain. Otherwise, we always have our imaginations.

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