Liam Finn Gets Stir Crazy During La Casa Artist Residency

New Zealand by way of Australia singer-songwriter and son of Australian music nobility, Liam Finn recently dropped by Corona’s La Casa retreat to take up an Artist Residency, during which the former Betchadupa member allowed stir craziness to overcome him while laying down some tracks.

“This has been my first time just hanging out on my own and it’s induced a little bit of stir craziness and a bit of solo madness,” says Finn, who during his residency managed to incorporate La Casa and its surrounds into a giant lattice of wool. “Yeah, I’ve definitely indulged the inner child,” he adds.

“I get a lot of enjoyment out of experimenting and making things and trying to make stuff as wild as possible or as distorted as possible or as quiet and brainy as possible,” he continues, “but I think at the end of the day I’ve always ended up reverting back to just trying to make a good song.”

This, he adds, is what constitutes the most important part of the songwriting process: “I feel like that’s what seems to sing out in a place like a beach, or probably anywhere. It’s just a good song that you can sing to somebody and be direct and hopefully they relate to.”

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Watch: Liam Finn La Casa Residency

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