MS MR Tease New Record During La Casa Artist Residency

New York-based indie rock duo MS MR, made up of vocalist Lizzy Plapinger and producer Max Hershenow, recently stopped by Corona’s La Casa retreat for an Artist Residency, amidst a hectic tour schedule, to discuss the genesis of the band and a few details about their next record.

“We’re excited to start writing again for the next record,” says Hershenow “I think we’re much more confident musicians,” adds Plapinger, “I think my vocal will really be a few steps up on the next record. I think I’m a significantly better singer now that we’ve been on the road so much.”

The pair also reflect on the bonding that happens between bandmates while on tour and working in the studio, particularly between Plapinger and Hersehnow, who’ve only been a band for two years. “I think that there’s a lot more we have to give and a lot more to explore,” Hershenow says.

The two also find time in between jamming and talking about the tour to enjoy a few brews, a lot of sun and the beautiful beaches on to which La Casa looks out, while reflecting on staying true to themselves and avoiding the blurred lines between touring artist and grounded human being.

Watch: MSMR La Casa Residency

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