This Is What Liam Gallagher Says It Would Take To Get Oasis Back Together

Liam Gallagher has revealed that he and estranged brother Noel never actually reconciled over the holidays, confessing that their supposed truce was just a false alarm triggered by a drunken social media session

“It’s all good – season of goodwill and all that, you know?” Liam tweeted at the time, before returning to publicly trading barbs with his bro a mere 2 weeks later.

Now, in an interview with NME, Liam has revealed that there was never actually a truce to begin with.

“It was Christmas and Mum was getting on me. And I had a couple of drinks and I put it out there,” he explained. “It was me drunk.”

The news definitely dashes our hopes of an Oasis reunion happening any time soon, although Liam says he’s still keen for it.

“[Noel and I] would have to sit and have a chat,” he explained, adding that the “dynamics of the band” have changed now that he’s enjoyed a #1 hit record with his solo album.

“If this album hadn’t gone well… I would have been his little bitch. But it has gone well and the dynamics of the band have changed.

“I’ve got a bit of [cache]. [A reunion would] have to be on both our terms,” Liam continued. “I would give it all up if it was on the right terms.”

However, since Noel recently spoke to Music Feeds on the subject of Oasis saying “I did it. I’m done with it. It doesn’t enter my thoughts at all,” we’re not going to hold our breath.

Watch Liam’s full chat with NME below.

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