Liam Gallagher Threatens To Quit Music If Latest Album Flops

Liam Gallagher has clearly poured his heart and soul into the latest album from his outfit Beady Eye. As the release date for the album edges closer, Gallagher has explained that if the record doesn’t go gangbusters, he will be throwing in the towel for good.

Speaking of the release, which is out later this year, the front man said, ““If we’re barking up the wrong tree with this record, I don’t know if I can be arsed with barking up it again.” Having spent a lifetime in the music game, Gallagher also vocalises his thoughts on what he might do should he suddenly be forced to quit the biz:

“I’ll never be a plumber, I’ll never be a fashion designer. Maybe I’d just sail off into the distance and enjoy my life, instead of worrying about what some spotty little twat from Hastings thinks about the record.”

There aren’t too many universally accepted benchmarks for success when it comes to albums, but judging by his comments it seems Gallagher will be looking to the response from fans to gauge how the album was received, and would rather retire than listen to them complain.

So it looks as though the future of an Oasis reunion also balances on the success of the Beady Eye record. High stakes indeed.

(Via NineMSN)

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