Lil Nas X Caves To Pressure, Agrees To Do A Metal Version Of Satanic ‘Montero’ Single

After copping the wrath of bible-bashing conservatives across the USA for his satanically sexy music video for ‘Montero (Call Me By Your Name)’, Lil Nas X has agreed to take the song to its logical conclusion, and release a metal version.

He appears to have caved to peer pressure from a couple of TikTok rockers, who’ve taken it upon themselves to make the pop hit more br00tal.

It all started when user @RickyJab posted a video of himself chugging some beastly guitar riffs to the song, captioning the clip: “who thinks [Lil Nas X] and i should jam in hell together?”

And it seems, Lil Nas himself does. Because the rapper soonafter shared a video of fellow TikTokker @sageyweebs adding drums to @RickyJab’s heavy version across his own socials.

Lil Nas captioned the clip “hard”, before hitting mysterious YouTube musician Corpse Husband up for a collab.


While we wait to see if Lil Nas X’s heavy metal version of ‘Montero’ actually comes to fruition, you can read all about how Nike sued over his satanic sneaker range — and how he responded to the situation with memes — right here.

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