Lil Peep’s ‘Goth Angel Singer’ EP Has Been Posthumously Released

It’s been almost two years since the tragic passing of rapper Lil Peep. Now, the EP he was working on up until his death, Goth Angel Singer, has finally been released.

He had announced the project prior to his passing. It features three tracks, with the final track “When I Lie” copping a visual, directed by Peep and frequent collaborator Rayn, posted on YouTube.

“Peep and I shot ‘When I Lie’ while on the ‘Come Over When You’re Sober Tour’,” Rayn said in a statement, via Consequence Of Sound.

“We were in Hamburg, Germany getting ready to do a show. It was a spur of the moment video. As soon as someone from the venue led us down to the green room, Peep and I looked at each other and said we have to shoot a video here.”

“It didn’t take long to decide what track to shoot as he had been playing ‘When I Lie’ on repeat most of the journey there. We decided to shoot a one take video as we had shot ‘4 gold chains’ as a one take in London and loved the way it came out.”

Listen to ‘When I Lie’ below. Goth Angel Singer is out now.

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