Lil Pump’s Show Got Evacuated So He Performed The Rest Of It On Top Of A Tour Bus

Lil Pump has performed an impromptu gig on top of a tour bus after his show at Nottingham’s Rock City was evacuated due to multiple “smoke flares” being discharged.

TMZ have dubbed the incident a “tear gas attack” while clarifying that police are not considering it to be an act of terrorism, despite at least two people copping minor injuries.

They’re still trying to hunt down the perpetrator/s, with Pump reportedly being carried out of the venue in a state of semi-consciousness before being treated by paramedics.

Once outside though, Pump didn’t waste much time in starting the party right back up, jumping on top of his tour bus to perform his Kanye collab ‘I Love It’ for his hyped fans.

Watch the footage below, and catch the 18-year-old ‘Gucci Gang’ rapper making his Australian debut at FOMO in January.

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