Lil Wayne Loses Law Suit Over Documentary, Then Loses Countersuit

Who would have thought that Lil Wayne’s recent health scares would come back to bite him so very hard? The still unwell rapper (or pro skater, I can’t keep up) has lost not one, but two legal battles on account of doctors orders for him not to fly, according to TMZ.

Both battles involved Quincy Jones III. Initially, Weezy filed a lawsuit against QIII after it was revealed that he was working on a documentary on the rapper. Weezy was having none of it and slammed the work as a scandalous portrayal. What’s more, Weezy also campaigned that QIII didn’t get appropriate approval on many of the songs that he used in the film.

The hearing, which took place on Monday, could not have been more poorly timed. Very recently, Weezy hit headlines after TMZ leaked that he had had not one, but two seizures while onboard his private jet. On a strict ‘no fly’ list since the scare, Weezy was unable to make the appearance and therefore testify.

As the case was to be presented in front of jurors, there was a low chance that the hearing would be rescheduled as that would be unfair on the jury. The judge then had two options, either declaring a mistrial or forcing Weezy’s legal reps to plead their case without him there. The latter was chosen and Weezy’s laywers were forced to display their client’s Desposition, in which he is uncooperative and highly critical of the hearing.

Lil Wayne was ordered to pay $2,195,000 to Quincy Jones III.

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