Lily Allen Passed Up ‘Game Of Thrones’ Role, Horseback Incest A Problem Apparently

Lily Allen is the latest high-profile celeb to conduct a Reddit AMA, offering unprecedented access for fans of the outspoken pop star, and during the customary grilling Allen explained that she was offered the chance to appear in hit series Game Of Thrones, but both on-screen and real-life incest levels were just too damn high.

Diehard fans will already be familiar with the fun fact that Theon Greyjoy (or Reek, as he now prefers to be know) is masterfully played by Lily Allen’s brother Alfie Allen, infamously depicted in her track Alfie as ne’er-do-well stoner who can’t get his shit together.

Well, Lily, some years later he G.O.T. his shit together, cast as the hard-to-love prick who we all kinda feel sorry for now despite the fact he’s still a prick. Allen was offered a role as Greyjoy’s fictional sister, but couldn’t bare the thought of having to act out sexual scenes with him.

“I felt uncomfortable because I would have had to go on a horse and he would have touched me up and shit,” she explained, almost unnecessarily. “Once they told me what was entailed I said, ‘No thanks.'”

And who could blame her?

However, Allen hasn’t totally ruled out a future cameo on the program, adding that she would happily follow in the footsteps of Sigur Ros or Coldplay and feature as a musical act.

You can find out other interesting tidbits about Allen and her latest album Sheezus on the AMA right here.

Watch: Lily Allen – Alfie


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