Linkin Park Offered Us Weed As Hush Money, Says Sublime Manager

Thanks to the efforts of Sublime With Rome and their cohort the “Linkin Nark” incident isn’t going away quietly. Sublime’s manager recently took to the airwaves to out one of the Linkin Park band members for narcing on Sublime to the police and accused the band of offering more weed as hush money to keep the story quiet.

Sublime with Rome manager, Mike “Cheeze” Brown called in to radio station 93.9 KWSS-FM to give host Beef Vegan the inside scoop, naming Linkin Park guitarist Brad Delson as the culprit who set the wheels in motion that led to the confiscation of Sublime’s weed and paraphernalia.

In case you missed it, after sharing a bill with Linkin Park at a Tucson festival last Saturday, Rome Ramirez, who has been singing with the members of Sublime since 2009, tweeted that Linkin Park had told the cops about their pot smoking because someone in the band was allergic to marijuana.

Linkin Park denied the band had anything to do with the incident, but a police report stated that a security guard acting on behalf one of the Linkin members alerted cops to the weed. In a subsequent tweet, Ramirez rebranded the rockers as “Linkin Nark”, a name that despite Linkin Park’s denial of their involvement, has stuck.

“Since the incident, that’s where really the fun part’s begun,” Brown said in the interview. “Because I got a call from their production manager on Sunday, asking me to squash the story, that they didn’t want any more press on it, that they were willing to buy us more weed.”

Brown alleged the offer was coming from Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda and he was appreciative of it. He also made it clear that Linkin Park’s other singer, Chester Bennington, was a good friend and doesn’t hold him accountable for the incident. For that, he throws the blame onto Brad Delson.

“Brad is probably the most un-rock ‘n’ roll dude I know,” said Brown. “Those headphones he wears on stage? He’s not wearing those because they’re monitors, they’re gun headphones so he can’t hear anything. Who does that?”

“Anyway, they’re a corporate machine that prints money and I understand they want to protect that,” he continued. “But we’re a rock band and we bought into that whole sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll thing and we’re trying not to let it go.”

Now on a roll, Cheez added, “I’m pretty sure the reason Chester joined Stone Temple Pilots is just so he could still tell people that he’s in a rock band. I’m just guessing. Because Chester is rock ‘n’ roll. That dude is legit and he’s as good as it gets. In no way do I want to slam Chester in any of this, because he is the man.”

Brown said the beef between Linkin Park and Sublime had grown since then, particularly angering Sublime frontman Rome Ramirez, but luckily he said it doesn’t look like Pima County Sheriff’s Department will file charges against the band.

“It’s actually very funny to us. I feel bad for Chester. He’s our homie. It’s just such a bummer he has to be in a band with dudes like that, but it’s true.” After joking about the prospect of a marijuana allergy, Cheez joked, “The sad thing is, now Linkin Park’s gonna have to start smoking crack just to get their credibility back.”

Photos: Linkin Park, Stone Sour – Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne 27/02/2013

Listen: Beef Vegan talks with the manager of Sublime with Rome, Cheez.

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