Lionel Richie Sent Dave Grohl Muffins When He Broke His Leg

When Dave Grohl broke his leg last year, Lionel Richie sent him a get well soon gift in the form of a giant hamper of muffins; the “biggest muffin basket I have ever seen in my entire life,” as the Foo Fighters frontman describes.

The story goes, that after Grohl was sitting around, twiddling his thumbs after surgery, he was receiving flowers, get well cards and other well wishers. “And my wife comes into my room and says, ‘Wait until you see the muffin basket that just showed up’.

“So, I got into my wheelchair and went into the kitchen, and it was the biggest muffin basket I have ever seen in my entire life…I got a text a few hours later that said, ‘Lionel Ritchie wants to know if got his muffin basket’.”

muffin man

This rather delicious story was told as part of SiriusXM’s Town Hall series, in which a musician goes through their life and career in music in an intimate setting. In this case, Grohl was the one flinging the questions at Richie, who answered them in between a few renditions of his songs.

While they were there together, in the same room, Grohl surprised Richie with a rather large cauldron of muffins that Grohl describes as only half the size of the original gift.

Friends in need are friends indeed.

The good guys at Sirius have plopped a few videos from the show up on YouTube, where Richie and Grohl talk about retirement, and their musical education, as well as a Richie performing Easy. Most importantly, you can check out the size of the bucket that Grohl gets Richie.

You can check out all the videos below.

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