Listen To That Bieber-Featuring Meredith DJ Set That Set The Haters On Fire

Gourmand, man of letters and all around baller Levins set the haters aflame earlier this year when he played Justin Beiber as part of his 1am DJ set at Meredith Music Festival. And while he did post some video of the moment, it’s taken until today for him to post the full set… and it’s banging.

The moment that has been described by some as “the worst in Meredith history” happens at around 26 mins in, with Levins now infamous interjections happening between 27:20 – 27:30, telling everyone to sing-a-long, before exclaiming: “Fuck every person here who doesn’t love Bieber!”

He doesn’t stop it there though, adding around the 30 min mark: “Remember that time at Meredith when our pingers kicked in just as Bieber was playing? Unreal.”

While most of the crowd reportedly had no problem getting in on the fun, there was a lot of backlash online with one hater posting that the set sounded like someone put a “So Fresh CD on… [and] occasionally pausing the CD to insult the crowd”.

dj levins instagram screenshot source pedestrian 1

Levins took that all in stride too, setting his own army of trolls on them.

dj levins instagram screenshot source pedestrian 2

Still, now the dust has settled we can sit back and with the benefit of hindsight listen over the set to see if it was worth all the fuss or if all this furore was just a bunch of easily offended hipsters having a whinge.

Personally I’m going with the latter as I’ve been jamming out this mix all morning.

Levins – Live from Meredith Music Festival December 2015

Live from Meredith Music Festival December 2015 by Levins on Mixcloud

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