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Meredith’s DJ Levins Trolls Crowd With Justin Bieber, Sets Trolls On The Haters

A DJ with no discernible sense of self preservation has taunted a 10,000-strong horde at this year’s Meredith Music Festival with the help of some Justin Bieber tunes.

Many punters in the Meredith crowd were left seething after Andrew Levins, aka DJ Levins, recklessly trolled the famous Supernatural Amphitheatre with Bieber’s hit Sorry, becoming the first human DJ in Meredith history ever to do so.

Luckily for Levdawgs, the crowd did not rise up as one to tear him limb from limb. Some closet Beliebers in the house even sang along, as the kamikaze DJ proclaimed, “Fuck every person here who doesn’t love Bieber!”

Levins has since posted footage of the sassy maneuver up on his own Facebook page, along with the caption, “Some people regard this moment as the worst in Meredith history. Everyone else isn’t a complete gronk. Where do you stand?”

Some such “complete gronks” have also taken aim at Levins via Facebook, posting venomous comments comparing his 1am set to the sound of someone putting a “So Fresh CD on” and “occasionally pausing the CD to insult the crowd”.

DJ Levins has continued to assert dominance though, cementing his status as not-a-known-giver-of-fucks by adding that he “almost played Taylor Swift too”. Watch him Bieber-bomb Meredith in the video, below.

Since the release of his footage, Levins has set the trolls on anyone who dares to mention his Bieber-bomb, with trolls everywhere posting “who cares” all over the shop. Behold:

dj levins instagram screenshot source pedestrian 2

The trolls have even hit closer to home, and we’re digging this particular one’s strong troll ethic:

Levins — who is a co-founder of Heaps Decent with superstar producer Diplo and Nina Las Vegas — is not the first respected musician to pitch his tent in camp Bieber. Skrillex, Courtney Love and Deftones’ Chino Moreno have all recently come out in defence of the former pop pest.

If you, like so many others like you, feel yourself becoming conflicted about your Bieber feels, you can draw some solace from our illuminating op-ed: When You Nod Your Head Yes, But You Wanna Say No: On the Fall and Rise of Justin Bieber.

In other news, turns out The Biebs may be disqualified from the triple j Hottest 100 after Beliebers hijacked the poll.

Some people regard this moment as the worst in Meredith history. Everyone else isn't a complete gronk. Where do you stand? Posted by DJ Levins on Monday, December 14, 2015

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