LISTEN: Buried In Verona – ‘Set Me On Fire’

Sydney metalcore outfit Buried In Verona have been riding an incredible wave of momentum, all of it leading to the release of their fourth studio album, Faceless, which will finally be unveiled this Friday. In the meantime, check out the band’s epic, stadium-ready new single, Set Me On Fire.

“I wrote this song about religion and the whole concept of believing in ‘God’ and following a belief system that’s been misunderstood and manipulated for thousands of years, I believe that the human race…has been led down a path of greed, tyranny and darkness,” said guitarist Richie Newman.

Set Me On Fire is the follow-up to the album’s two lead singles, Splintered and Illuminate, which have been garnering national airplay, as well as acclaim from fans and critics, who have been praising their lush production, the scope of the band’s lyrics, and their sophisticated songcraft.

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Listen: Buried In Verona – Set Me On Fire

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