LISTEN: Chance Waters – ‘The Ticket Inspector’

Ever the one for tight lyricism and tongue-in-cheek humour, Chance Waters, who has an LP set for release later this year, has unveiled his most recent single as an ode to “every over-compensating, power-crazed dick.” Naturally, he’s decided to dub it The Ticket Inspector.

“As a teenager my brother got assaulted by a ticket inspector for over riding a $2 ticket,” says Chance. “I’d actually seen the guy around… almost exclusively targeting kids, often foreigners who didn’t understand the bus system properly. That’s who these inspectors are really there for.”

“There’s a proud cultural tradition of immortalising dickheads and their dickheadedness in art and The Ticket Inspector for me was a lighthearted and sarcastic way to do that – it’s sort of a love song…a kind of ballad for every over compensating, power crazed dick. On public transport or not.”

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Listen: Chance Waters – The Ticket Inspector

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