Listen: City & Colour’s New Song ‘Of Space & Time’

Prepare for your day to become far more amazing. City & Colour have returned to our speakers today with a single that is sure to go down as one of their best to date. Of Space & Time is the sort of mellow only Dallas Green and Co. can create, the kind this world so sorely needs.

As timeless as each City & Colour album may be, we’re more than happy to accept a new offering from the outfit. By the sounds of things, the band will continue in a similar stead to that presented in 2011’s Little Hell, and hey, we’re not mad about that. Furthermore, they have also allowed us deep into the process via an intimate studio video which will have you clawing at your screen for more on the new album.

For now, City & Colour will be appearing on the stages of SxSW and will be a key pull-factor at both Reading & Leads Festivals in the UK. Rest assured, Australian dates in conjunction with the album are sure to come: the band has a history of treating us very well. With the first single now safely released, more will be coming soon, so stay diligent, shit’s gonna be sweet.

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