Listen: I Killed The Prom Queen Release First Single Since 2006

If you were like me and thought it was simply cruel for Adelaide outfit, and one of the most prolific metalcore bands to ever come out of Australia, I Killed The Prom Queen to reform and tour but not release any new material, well do we have a surprise for you. Drum roll please.

Just last night, the newly reformed IKTPQ debuted their first single (Memento Vivere) since their 2006 album Music for the Recently Deceased. It’s almost like the band didn’t ever go away, bringing back the same ferocious energy, duelling call and response riffs, and absolutely perfect breakdowns.

The track would have fitted in perfectly on the 2006 release with those juicy vocals. Lead guitarist Jona Weinhofen brought his A game as well for the track, taking time from his other project, Bring Me the Horizon, to construct the tune, which you’ll be pleased to know has no synth, auto tune or any of that other crap that usually comes with new metalcore material these days. It’s pure no-fucking-around Prom Queen awesomeness, something that has been noticeably vacant for the past 6 years.

The track was released exclusively with Monster Energy Drink, who backed the band as they toured throughout Europe. And, you guessed it, an album will be coming soon, though probably not until 2013. However, you will probably get a chance to hear some more of the new stuff when they tour the country with Parkway Drive this coming December.


Jona spoke to feeds briefly about the track and how it feels to be working with his old band again “”I’m very excited to finally be working on new IKTPQ material again. Prom queen was my baby from the beginning in 2000 and now that I’ve had experience in 2 other worldwide touring bands, it’s nice to be able to return to where it all began for me and use that experience to make a great record with my old friends. It’s been 7 years since we last wrote anything together but it’s amazing to see how little has change when it comes to the chemistry between the 5 of us in iktpq. It’s been a long time coming but hopefully this album will at least meet fans expectations and allow us to carry on just about where we left off back in 2007”

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