Listen: KSSR (Ex-The Scare) Releases Solo Debut Single ‘Passenger’

After a break-up, there’s nothing quite like totally reinventing yourself. The Scares frontman Kiss Reid has felt a similar calling after the break-up of the Brisbane outfit, returning to the music scene as KSSR, and he comes bearing gifts.

After the band fell apart mid-way through their third album, Reid managed to detach himself and embarked on this electro-pop odyssey. the reality of severing ties and presenting yourself as a new-found solo artist is staggering, though his unique, innovative music is reflective of something far less complicated: honesty. Such was the goal of KSSR when the project began.

“I call this bipolar pop,” KSSR says. “I saw a void that could be filled by taking these contrasting elements – roughhewn beats and really beautiful melodies – and rubbing them up against one another.”

The track Passanger is a perfect vessel on which this idea can effortlessly cruise,incorporating intelligent electronica with his own urge for pop melody and dark moods. Check out the track below. Passanger, at radio now, will be for sale November 9th.

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