Listen: Sarah Blasko Releases New Single ‘I Awake’

For the first time since her award-winning 2009 album As Day Follows Night, Sarah Blasko has demonstrated just how talented she is, releasing today the title track from her forthcoming album I Awake.

Debuting the track with Tom & Alex on triple j, Blasko spoke to the boys about the album, describing it as “probably the most difficult album” she’s so far worked on, adding that “just because I felt a little like I was jumping in the deep end because I decided to produce it and then I decided I wanted to work with an orchestra”.

The Bulgarian Symphony Orchestra features heavily on the release, with Blasko making frequent trips to Bulgaria, while being based in Stockholm, to work on the album. Working with the Orchestra has left a lasting impression on the singer/songwriter: “I went over there for 3 days… I’ve got Bulgarian ancestry on my father’s side and my grandfather, he’s 90, still visits there a lot. I just thought it would be a really special thing to do for them and also it was a dream of mine to work with an orchestra. It was an incredible experience; nothing quite prepares you for that feeling. There were 52 string players in the room and it was just an incredible sound.”

According to triple j, Blasko is looking to the new year to lock in Australian tour dates, where she hopes to hit the road, and bring an orchestra with her. Though in the nearer future, I Awake will be officially released October 26. Check out the title track below.

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