Listen: System Of A Down’s Serj Tankian Unveils New Songs

King of Soundwave 2012, System of a Down’s Serj Tankian has released new tracks from more than one of his side projects. Available below, the three tracks see Serj take quite an alternative approach to this music than his previous work with System of a Down. For those fans expecting hard-hitting guitar riffs with his trademark screaming lyrics, I’m sorry but you have been mislead. In the three tracks we see Serj take on a jazz, classical and modern-alternative approach, although during Uneducated Democracy you may find your relief.

Although I myself am far form an expert, reports that Uneducated Democracy “fits in perfectly with what audiences would expect from Tankian. The thoughtful lyrical content takes on the education system and its effect on the world.” Although that song reminisces the classic SOAD sound that we have come to love, the remaining three tracks are entirely different.

Funktronic sees Serj take a slightly electronic path, in what he described as “a bunch of electronic tracks with actors talking on them and basically enacting a British gangster film”. The other two tracks are both distinctly jazz and classical in their own regards. While some fans may turn their nose up at such a composition, these two tracks reveal a new side to Serj as a more mature and sophisticated composer. The new album will be available for our ears on 7th October this year.

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