Listen To Hayley Mary’s New Single ‘The Drip’

Hayley Mary is on the cusp of releasing her new EP The Drip, and today she’s shared the forthcoming release’s title track as well as an accompanying music video.

The song was written while Mary – who is otherwise known as lead vocalist for The Jezabels – was living in Edinburgh, and began as scribbes on napkins as she worked in a small café.

‘The Drip’ is the fourth cut we’ve heard from the forthcoming EP – due out Friday, 18th June. It follows on from previous singles ‘The Chain’, ‘Would You Throw A Diamond?’ and ‘Young & Stupid’.

“I was sitting in the window at my tenement flat in Leith when the phrase, ‘it was a dirty grey day, there was a constant drizzle’. I knew there was a song in it, but it was not until a year or so later, back in Melbourne, that I found my shoebox of napkins,” Mary said of the song in a press statement.

“It sparked a nostalgia for Scotland and I began piecing them together and filling in the story and a romantic yet cynical, addiction riddled figure who I’d known in a lot of people, including myself, who was killing himself slowly in a mundane, everyday sort of way.

“There was also a violent drip on my windowsill when it stormed, which haunted me in the night like the Raven of Edgar Allan Poe, and a leaking tap in the kitchen I just couldn’t seem to get around to fixing, that seemed to represent everything I was letting slip by. I’ll admit I don’t know entirely what the song is about, or whether it’s the ramblings of an optimist or a nihilist, but I think it’s my favourite of mine so far.”

The Drip EP is due out on Friday, 18th June.

Watch the music video for ‘The Drip’ below.

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