Hayley Mary Returns With New Single 'One Last Drag’
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Hayley Mary Returns With New Single ‘One Last Drag’

Hayley Mary has returned with a new single and a music video ‘One Last Drag’, which is a pop song about glorifying self-awareness. 

The song is co-written and co-produced by Hayley’s husband who also happens to be the DMA’s guitarist, Johnny Took. They happened to write the song in a hotel room! The song is also co-produced by the producer of ‘The Jezabels’, Lachlan Mitchell. 

“I was sitting on the balcony with a wine, borderline chain-smoking, knowing that I would be regretting the cigarettes in the morning but unable to stop. He started looping a guitar intro that he was working on for Gwen Stefani and I just started writing a poem to it in my head.  I asked him if I could record it so I wouldn’t forget it, and those draft vocals ended up being the final vocals you hear in the verses.” explains Hayley Mary. 

Hayley Mary – “One Last Drag”

The song is a dark post-punk banger that talks about cigarettes and addiction. The cigarette in the song portrays anything that looks or feels good at the moment, but eventually ruins one’s life. It talks about how addiction is harmful to everyone. 

 “I fell for the excitement, the promise of relief, of sexy malaise when real life was too high definition. In recent years, however, I’ve become aware of the potential emptiness of that promise as well,” says Hayley. 

Hayley started off her career with the Sydney band ‘The Jezabels’ and after gaining a lot of recognition and going around on tours, she finally decided to pursue a solo career of her own making. 

“One Last Drag” is an amazing single and proves the real potential of Hayley. 

You can listen to the new single “One Last Drag” here.

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