Listen To Jack Gray’s New Single ‘Selfish’

Sunny Coast alt-pop artist, Jack Gray has shared a brand new single today. ‘Selfish’ is this slow, acoustic track with the subtlest of production, helping Gray’s voice thrive.

The pace, sound, and vibe meld this Rex Orange County likeness with the same pop sensibilities Jack Gray showed us on his Nights Like This EP.

On the track, Gray says, “This song came to life whilst driving and reflecting on how relationships go wrong or just run their path.”

“Sometimes in life, we stay in a situation because it’s easier than facing reality and hurting someone’s feelings.

“Unfortunately, from the outside, you can be seen as selfish when really, it’s the right thing to do.”

‘Selfish’ follows up ‘I Got 3′ and it’s already racked up loads of attention on TikTok.

Gray will be performing live on TikTok as part of Isol-Aid Festival next weekend. He’ll perform at 5pm AEDT Saturday, 21st February.

He’s also on the bill for Groovin’ The Moo’s new festival Fresh Produce. It’s going ahead in August and Gray will be on the Townsville lineup.

Jack Gray has been busy finalising tracks for his forthcoming album. It’s expected to land later this year.

“Since I can remember I’ve dreamed of releasing my first album, I cannot wait,” he said. “My favourite artists always released albums, it’s a body of work. It tells a story.”

Listen to ‘Selfish’ below.

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